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AGRI photovoltaics

%Solar-Photovoltaikanlagen mit Stromspeichern - %München-Augsburg

Rising population numbers, increased energy consumption and the consequences of climate change are increasing the pressure to use rural areas.

Double harvest thanks to solar panels in the field

Enormous potential

Solar systems on open spaces offer enormous potential

%Solar-Photovoltaikanlagen mit Stromspeichern - %München-Augsburg

The technology of Agri-PV offers the possibility of expanding large photovoltaic systems on open spaces, while at the same time agricultural land remains usable as a resource for food production. This is necessary because while fertile areas for agriculture must be preserved, solar energy should become the most important pillar of energy supply in the long term.

%Solar-Photovoltaikanlagen mit Stromspeichern - %München-Augsburg

Agri-photovoltaics: using potential and synergies

Solar systems above, cultivation below: innovative concepts combine agriculture and energy generation. Additional profitable sources of income can arise for farmers

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What we do today must still be of value tomorrow!

Use fields twice

Targeted light management optimizes the yields from photovoltaics and photosynthesis

A possible solution to the land use conflict could be agri-photovoltaics (APV): the combination of agricultural production with a photovoltaic system. It allows the expansion of solar power capacity necessary for a climate-neutral energy system – this must be increased by a factor of eight to ten in Germany by 2050 – without the valuable arable land being sealed. The estimated technical potential in Germany is around 1700 gigawatts of installed capacity.

Synergy effects

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%Solar-Photovoltaikanlagen mit Stromspeichern - %München-Augsburg

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