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Green energy for your business or agriculture

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Make your company independent of expensive energy suppliers with the help of a solar, wind power or hydropower system.

Tell us about your ideas and we will fulfill them as far as technically possible.

Independent energy

Clean technology

Invest in wind power & clean solar energy

The benefits cannot be hidden!

kw Reduction
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energy savings
CO 2 Reduction

Power = potential - disruptive factors

Photovoltaic system

Generate electricity on your roof to make your production more efficient.

Our economical and sustainable systems will give you the feeling from the first day that you have done the right thing, not only for you but also for generations ahead.

We would be happy to advise you on site in all matters relating to planning, solar subsidies, yield forecasts and the installation and maintenance of solar systems.

Find out how we can better use the potential of wind energy together.

Wind turbine

To support photovoltaics or to be able to generate electricity on shady and rainy days.

With our projects we bring a breath of fresh air to your region! The current challenges of climate protection and the energy transition require us to think in a new way and to work together more closely. At the same time, they open up completely new opportunities!

Would you like advice on installing a wind turbine?

"Everything is energy! Align yourself to the frequency of reality." Albert Einstein

Power storage

Save the energy you generate so that you can still meet the full demand on days with little generated energy.

A power storage for photovoltaics stores the surplus self-generated electricity and makes it available for you to use later. In this way, you can also run the washing machine in the evening and at night with your stored photovoltaic power, for example, or charge your electric car overnight.

In addition to ensuring a professional installation, the most important thing when purchasing a power storage system is planning ahead.

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%Solar-Photovoltaikanlagen mit Stromspeichern - %München-Augsburg

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