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It has never been more affordable for homeowners to switch to solar than today.

Investment costs are lower than ever, thanks to lower acquisition costs due to increased demand and national and regional funding programs.

our vision:

Solar - the future of cheap energy

Thanks to the latest technologies, solar systems can generate energy more effectively than ever before. At the same time, prices for solar systems have fallen rapidly, with the result that switching to solar energy has never been more cost-effective.

Advantages of solar systems today!

Lower investment costs

New technologies and increased competition have drastically reduced the cost of solar systems. This means that switching to solar is now more cost effective than ever.

Reduce energy costs

Sunlight is free, so once you've invested in a solar system, you can start reaping the benefits.

Financial grants

In some federal states there are financial subsidies for the purchase of a solar system. In addition, owners of solar systems can also generate extra income through the feed-in tariff and tax advantages

Another highlight is that there is a selection of financial aid for the purchase of a solar system. For example, the Bundesbank KfW offers low-interest promotional loans for investing in a solar system. We also work directly with regional banks, some of which have specialized in energy financing and can thus turn their dream of sustainable green energy into reality.

Increase the value of your home

A solar system could increase the value of your property.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Solar energy is one of the most environmentally friendly energy sources.

A step towards clean technology

We think efficiently and sustainably

In addition, owners of solar systems enjoy exclusive tax advantages and can sell excess energy that they do not need back to the grid through the feed-in tariff. There is also the option of integrating air conditioning and heating devices, thereby drastically reducing annual heating costs.

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Clean energy
%Solar-Photovoltaikanlagen mit Stromspeichern - %München-Augsburg

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%Solar-Photovoltaikanlagen mit Stromspeichern - %München-Augsburg

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