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%Solar-Photovoltaikanlagen mit Stromspeichern - %München-Augsburg

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Our energy: competence, commitment and teamwork

With big steps towards the sun

affordable, profitable, independent and safe!

Make the energy transition easy and thus make a contribution to sustainable energy supply! We at Regionalenergie Bayern are convinced of that. And this conviction drives us on every day.

And it’s more than just conviction. Thanks to years of experience in the solar industry, we know that solar energy is now a cheaper way of generating energy for our customers than obtaining energy from fossil raw material sources. The generation, use and marketing of solar energy is a long-term sustainable business model – even without subsidies!

%Solar-Photovoltaikanlagen mit Stromspeichern - %München-Augsburg
Of course, there are people behind all of this. People who are fully committed to solar energy and thus to your project. Competent people with many years of experience in international projects in the field of photovoltaics. A small but powerful team with highly specialized experts that has been working together for our customers for many years. This well-coordinated team guarantees continuity, professionalism and competence in the implementation of your project.

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%Solar-Photovoltaikanlagen mit Stromspeichern - %München-Augsburg

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